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Request for Proposals for Out-of-School Time Programming

Release Date: February 5, 2024

Download a pdf of the RFP HERE

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On behalf of the City of Philadelphia (the "City of Philadelphia" or "City"), by and through its Office of Children and Families ("OCF") and Department of Human Services ("DHS"), Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) invites high-performing non-profit arts and cultural institutions and experiential learning organizations who serve Philadelphia youth in grades K-8th to apply for funding through this competitive Request for Proposal ("RFP") process. The purpose is to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate summer enrichment youth programming to help reduce the opportunity gap, and summer learning loss, for Philadelphia youth in grades K-8th. This funding is for new providers not currently funded through the current City of Philadelphia Out-of-School Time ("OST") network.

This RFP prioritizes and supports programming that yields positive youth outcomes, where all system participants use data to make decisions and continually improve services. OST depends on high performing partner agencies that consistently meet health and safety and regulatory benchmarks and have capacity to build high quality, high interest youth programming from a strong foundation.

Through this RFP, PHMC, in consultation with the City, is seeking to identify established arts and cultural organizations and established experiential learning organizations that have significant experience delivering quality programs to youth in Philadelphia. This summer-only funding is intended to build on existing youth programs at these organizations - either expanding existing summer programs to serve more youth from the identified target population or expanding existing school year programs into the summer for the target population.

For the purposes of this RFP:

  • Arts and culture organizations are those with a mission that addresses creative expression and cultural activities, including but not limited to, performing arts, visual arts, fine arts, music, dance, graphic design, film, digital media and video, architecture and urban design, humanities, literature, arts and culture education, historic preservation, museum curation, crafts, and folk arts. 
  • Experiential learning organizations are those with a mission related to providing experiences in sports, outdoors or nature-based activities, and other hands-on experiences that build confidence and leadership skills, as well as exposing Philadelphia's youth to activities that might otherwise not be available to them.

Please refer to the sections of this RFP on Applicant Eligibility Criteria and Review Criteria for more information.

The City of Philadelphia is committed to supporting and sustaining an OST system built on the following tenets:

  • Building on practices that increase quality and connect to national best practices in OST
  • Diversifying high quality opportunities available to youth across the City
  • A well prepared and appropriately compensated workforce
  • Equitable access to programming that ensures children, youth, and families thrive
  • Working in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia ("SDP") by aligning with their goals for every student to read on or above grade level and every student to graduate ready for college and career
  • Working in partnership with SDP by supporting with their guardrail that every student has a well-rounded education including arts, athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities, integrated into the school experience

Download a PDF of the full RFP HERE.


> Applicant Eligibility

> Key Dates

> Optional Bidders Conference (via Zoom - Registration Required) 

> Submit a Question about the RFP

> Application Process 

> Application Materials 

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RFP Applicant Eligibility

To be considered for funding under this the competitive solicitation, an applicant must be: 

  • A Philadelphia-based non-profit organization and cannot be a government agency.
  • Currently not contracted for City of Philadelphia-funded OST programming through PHMC during the 2023/2024 school year.
  • Either:
    • An arts and culture nonprofit organization with an agency mission dedicated to promoting a broad definition of arts and culture, including but not limited to, performing, visual, and fine arts, music, dance, graphic design, film, digital media and video, architecture and urban design, humanities, literature, arts and culture education, historic preservation, museum curation, crafts, and folk arts; or
    • An experiential learning nonprofit organization with a mission related to providing experiences in sports, outdoor or nature-based activities, and other hands-on experiences that build confidence and leadership skills, as well as expose Philadelphia's youth to activities that might otherwise not be available to them.
  • Must have at least three years or more of experience running youth development programs.
  • A confirmed physical location for summer programming - see Site Identification section in the RFP.

Eligible applicants should be seeking to expand existing programs for K-8th grade youth as follows:

  • Expand existing summer programs to serve youth from the target population of this RFP; this may include expanding an existing program to serve a new age group in the K-8th grade range.
  • Expand school year programming into the summer to serve the target population for this RFP; or 
  • Expand existing programs into a new area of the organization's mission (for example, building on a successful program in photography to include digital media and video).
  • For all of the above, the expansion of programming can include increasing program capacity to provide no-cost program spaces to youth from the target population in an existing fee-based program.

In addition, organizations awarded funding through the RFP will be required to:

  • Offer awarded OST programs to participants at no cost to families and youth attending.
  • Offer programming to the contracted participants for the program hours at the site identified for funding.
  • Offer free breakfast and lunch to students. The organization can identify their own food program or apply for this resource: Nutritional Development Services Afterschool Food Program:

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Key Dates



RFP release

Monday, February 5, 2024

Optional Bidder's Conference

Friday, February 9, 2024, 10:00 am

Deadline for Provider Questions

Monday, February 12, 2024

PHMC to post final questions and answers document

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Proposals Due

Friday, February 23, 2024, 5:00 pm

Award Notifications

April 2024

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Optional Virtual Bidder's Conference

February 9, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

  • Bidder's Conference was conducted on February 9th at 10:00 a.m.
  • A recording of the Bidder's Conference was posted on Friday, February 9th and is available HERE.
  • You can view the Bidder's Conference Provider slides HERE.

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Submit a Question about the RFP

  • Applicants are required to thoroughly review the PDF of the full RFP and all Appendices, which can be downloaded HERE.
  • Interested applicants may submit question through our Question Form through Monday, February 12, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Submissions must identify the applicant organization, the person who is making the inquiry and the appropriate email address for the response.
  • Responses to all submitted questions will be posted HERE on or before Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

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Application Process

All RFP responses must be submitted via the web based application platform at by Friday, February 23 at 5:00 p.m.

No late submissions will be accepted. The application portal will prohibit proposal submission after the deadline.

PHMC strongly recommends that you make your submission well in advance of the deadline. PHMC also recommends that providers begin their submission as early in the application period as possible – applicants can save their work and return at a later date. Please expect the system to operate more slowly closer to the submission deadline, as more users will be logged in simultaneously.

The online submission process will include:

  • All applications must be submitted via The application link can also be found on beginning Monday, February 5th. 
  • Create a login on the above referenced website by selecting "My Account" or by clicking on "Start Application."
  • Organizations may have multiple user logins. Collaboration on applications is available by selecting "Manage Collaborators" after initiating the application. Only one user may be editing an application at any given time. Only "Primary Collaborators" can finalize and submit applications. 
  • Instructions for completing the application can be found in the RFP. The Bidder's Conference will also include a demonstration of the on-line system. A recording of that presentation will be available HERE on Friday, February 9th.

Important Details

  • Applicants must identify a specific site for which they are applying to provide OST programming.
  • Applicants must identify a strategy and program model for each site application.
  • If applying to operate an OST program in a K-8 School, applicants must offer to provide both elementary and middle school programming and will be required to respond to questions for both models.
  • Applicants may submit multiple applications if requesting to serve more than one site.
    • Each application submitted for a site will be reviewed and scored individually and as such, organizations may not be awarded for all sites for which applications were submitted. Applicant organizations should not consider their requests for multiple sites to be linked or considered as an expansion of an existing program or site.

Required Documents

Applicants will be required to submit the following with their applications:

  • Two most recently completed Fiscal Year budgets
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • Most recent income statement (Profit Loss) for entire organization
  • Most recent Balance Sheet (Assets/Liabilities) for entire organization
  • List of current board members or Owners for for-profit entities
  • Tax identification letter (501[c]3 letter) from the IRS for non-profit organizations
  • Minority, Women, Disabled Owned Business Enterprise Certificate (MWDSBE), if applicable 
  • Signed attestation from the Board/owners detailing organization's long-term commitment to providing high quality Out-of-School Time programming
  • Organizational chart
  • City of Philadelphia Tax & Regulator Status and Clearance Statement for Applicants

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Application Materials

Download and review the full RFP document HERE.

Download documents from the Appendices through the following links:

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Online Resources and Links

City of Philadelphia

State and Federal Resources

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